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Programs and Sites



Program Description 

Youth Programs 

Main Site 

1234 S. Main Street 

Salt Lake City 

Six periods of in-person classes offered every day from 8:45am to 3:15pm 

Rose Park 

1400 Goodwin Ave 

Salt Lake City 

Half-day (morning or afternoon) in-person classes supplemented by asynchronous classwork 

Youth in Care 


Self-contained high school classes at main site or supportive programming off site 

Odyssey House 

607 S. 200 E. 

Salt Lake City 

Self-contained high school classes offered for residential students 

South City 

1568 S. 300 E. 

Salt Lake City 

Individualized support for fully asynchronous classwork 

Virtual High School 


Live, remote instruction offered by main site teachers during scheduled class periods 

Adult Programs 

High School Completion 

1234 S. Main Street 

Salt Lake City 

Adults can earn a high school diploma through live, in-person and/or asynchronous courses  

Adult ELL  

1234 S. Main Street 

Salt Lake City 

Live, in-person classes targeting adults learning English at all levels (beginning through advanced)  


1234 S. Main Street 

Salt Lake City 

Asynchronous classes and tutoring to prepare students to pass the GED certificate test 

Odyssey House 

68 S. 600 E. Salt Lake City 

High school completion options taught live to residents receiving Odyssey House services 

Family Literacy 

Community outreach focused on developing literacy skills for adults with young children 

Utah State Prison 

Opening fall 2022, high school completion and GED options for adults in the state prison 

Humanitarian Center 

1665 Bennett Road 

Salt Lake City 

Live English classes for refugee employees of the Humanitarian Center offered as part of their regular workday