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Library Learning Center

The Horizonte Library Learning Center provides curriculum support, research guidance, and enrichment through literature appreciation to the students, faculty, staff and patrons of the school community. It also provides a positive environment that encourages inquiry and discovery through the use of organized and accessible resources. The Horizonte Library Learning Center strives to teach students to be independent, discerning and lifelong users of knowledge who are capable of information retrieval and who value a library and learning.


You now can easily download e-books and audio books to your computer and/or device using Sora-OverDrive and your school log-in! You can check out up to three books for 2 to 3 weeks and can renew them if no one is waiting for it.

Here's how to download the books from the catalog on  Sora-OverDrive:

Helpful Websites:

Horizonte Library Catalog - Look for books at the Horizonte Library Learning Center.

Utah's Online Library - The most amazing research resource that you can use! (formerly Pioneer Online Library) Ask Ms.Emina for this year's password. 

Salt Lake City Public Library Catalog

Salt Lake County Public Library Catalog

Frequently Asked Questions about the Library/Media Center

  1. How do I check out something from the Library? 
    To check out a book, come to the library circulation desk and type in your student number.
  2. How many books can I check out? 
    You can have 3 items (books, magazines, and/or eBook) checked out under your name. 
  3. How long are the checkout periods? 
    Library books - 3 weeks and magazines - 1 week.
  4. Can I renew a book if I want to keep it longer than 3 weeks?
    You can renew a book, but please talk to Ms. Emina before the book's due date. 
  5. What happens if my book is overdue or lost? 
    If you have an overdue book, you won't be able to check out other books until it is returned. If your book is lost, you will need to find a way to either pay for the book or arrange for a "reading log". After that, you can check out books again. In either case, talk to Ms. Emina!