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Youth School

Registration and Referral Process

Open Enrollment = No referral required but will be vetted by Horizonte enrollment

Controlled Open Enrollment School = Student must be referred by Home School


1st Mini Term Open Enrollment

2nd – 6th Mini Term Controlled Open Enrollment (COE)

7th – 8th Mini Term Closed.

Referral Process:

1. Horizonte Counselors will send a referral form that must be completed by home school and returned to Horizonte.

2. Horizonte will review the Referral Form and begin our vetting process.

3. Horizonte will return the Referral Form marked with Green (Admitted) or Red (Not Admitted).

4. If admitted Home school will inform student when to attend Horizonte registration.

5. Horizonte will review and vet referral forms on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s during COE.

6. Student will register and begin school the following day (Wednesday and Friday).

Note: Student belongs to Home School until Horizonte Registration is complete.