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Covid-19 Vaccines at Horizonte

1.  Who can be vaccinated at the high school clinics? 

a.  The high school vaccination clinic will be open to any student who is 16 years or older. Parent/guardian permission MUST be verified prior to vaccination for those who are under 18.  

b.       Parents are welcome to accompany their child to their vaccination appointment and they are eligible to receive the vaccine. No other family members may be vaccinated at the high school clinics. 

2.  Which vaccine will be administered to my child, and by whom? 

a.       Students will receive the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccines will be administered by the Salt Lake County Health Department. 

3.       How can I sign my student up for a vaccine? Can a student walk in and get a vaccine day of? 

a.       It’s important for all students who would like to be vaccinated to pre-register via one of the three methods indicated below. The health department will use pre-registration data to determine the number of vaccine doses that will be needed on each school’s clinic date. 

  •      Register online at, which requires the user to create an account. Your school will provide the code required for registration. This is the preferred registration method. 
  •      Call 385-468-4100 with the name of the school and the school registration code (provided by the school). 
  •      Print, fill out, and bring to school a paper "COVID Vaccine Clinic Encounter and Registration” form. The Registration form can be downloaded here in multiple languages. 

b.       In addition to filling out the online pre-registration form OR the hard copy Registration form, students who are under 18 years of age will also need to bring a Consent form signed by their parent or guardian. The Consent form can be downloaded here in multiple languages. Hard copies are also available at the school if printing at home is unavailable.  

4.  What documents does my student need to bring to their vaccination appointment? 

a.       All students must either pre-register online OR bring a paper COVID Vaccine Clinic Encounter and Registration form. 

b.       Students under age 18 need to bring a signed Parent Consent form. 

5.       What can my student expect at their vaccination appointment? 

a.       Students will arrive at their appointed time and will present proof of parental consent if the student is under age 18. After receiving the vaccine, students will need to stay for 15-30 minutes of observation to make sure there are no allergic reactions.  

b.       Students who have a past history of vaccine reactions or allergy may need to stay the full 30 minutes out of an abundance of caution. The parental consent form includes approval for health department staff to administer Benadryl and/or an Epipen in the event of a severe allergic reaction. If a student shows an allergic reaction, parents will be notified, and the student will need to be picked up from school. 

6.       When will students receive the second dose of the vaccine? 

a.       A second clinic for second vaccine doses will be scheduled exactly three weeks after the first dose is administered. Please mark that date on your calendar now. 

7.       Is there anything else we need to do beforehand? 

a.       It is best for students to eat and drink before receiving the vaccine. This will help reduce the risk of students experiencing any symptoms such as dizziness, lightheadedness, or fainting.