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School Community Council (SCC)

We invite all parents and guardians to serve on the School Community Council (SCC). Your input is valuable and will allow you to directly influence the expenditure of School LAND Trust Program funds.

Student Success Plan

Horizonte School LAND Trust

School Community Counsel meeting dates:

Schedule of SCC Meetings- 6:00 to 7:00 pm


Name Role Contact
Maria Flores Chair (Parent)  
Maria Caraveo Vice Chair
Joshua Bell Principal
Joseph Peterson School Member
Aura Gutierrez-Sanchez School Member
Heather Winters Parent Member
Verica Mikanovic Parent Member
Joane Hurtado Parent Member
Rigo Solano Parent Member  
Rebecca Medina Parent Member
Irma Solis Parent Member
Barbara Brunetti Parent Member
Angelica Hafoca Parent Member
Wendy Lind Parent Member
Roselia Fernandez Parent Member

Members This is from last year!

Name Role Contact
David Chavez Assistant Principal
Victoria Begay Chair (Parent)
Joshua Bell Principal
Erika Higuera Higuera Member  
Sarah Rwndon Member  
Epifania Velasquez Member  
Rafael Rosas Member  

School Community Council Meetings