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Young Parent Program

Contact Person: Kathy Williams (801) 578-8574 ext. 233

The Young Parent Program recognizes the special needs of those students who are young parents or pregnant teens. This program is designed to enable young people to develop academic skills, participate in vocational training and develop decision making abilities and parenting skills.

Headstart provides on-site care for children of young parents who qualify for the program and would like to bring their children with them to school. Contact Becky Huff, (801)578-8574 ext. 242, for information about registration for Headstart.

Students are able to enroll in the Youth Parent Program at any time during the school year. Classes are held from 8:20 a.m. to 3:20 p.m. Monday through Friday. Scheduling is flexible, allowing the needs of the young parent to be met in the most appropriate way.

This program addresses the special needs of the pregnant and parenting teen.

  • Adult setting High school completion
  • Occupational training programs
  • Education and career counseling
  • On-site child care
1234 S. Main Street
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(801) 578-8574
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