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The counselors at Horizonte believe:

• Every student has dignity and worth.
• Every student's ethnic, cultural, racial, gender differences and special needs are considered in planning and implementing the school counseling program.
• Every student can be college and career ready.

And that the Horizonte comprehensive school counseling program should:

• Be based on specified goals and developmental student competencies for all students.
• Utilize many combined resources of the community to deliver programs.
• Use data for program development and evaluation.

And that all counselors at Horizonte:

• Abide by the professional school counseling ethics as advocated by the American School Counselor Association.
• Participate in professional development activities essential to maintain a quality school counseling program.

Advisory: What is it and why is it important?

Advisory is the first period of the day. In Advisory, students receive extra support in their pursuits to graduate High School. Teachers consult with students about grades and keeping them on track to graduate. Students also receive guidance curriculum to help them prepare for the future. Students receive information about careers, college, and scholarships, as well as receive help applying to college, filling out the FAFSA, and applying for scholarships.

Group Advisory occurs on Thursday mornings. This is a time where students meet together and are given lessons and listen to guest speakers concerning pertinent subjects such as stress management, goal setting, time management, study skills and career exploration.

Advisory gives students the opportunity to learn about subjects that will help them be a well-rounded person, and gives them an advantage in their future pursuits.

Horizonte Counseling Center Calendar

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Horizonte High School Counseling Center Staff

Position Name Email Phone
Counselor Claudia Kassner claudia.kassner@slcschools.org (801) 578-8574 Ext: 258
Counselor Eleanor Chase eleanor.chase@slcschools.org (801) 578-8574 Ext: 253
Secretary Selene Harrison Selene.harrison@slcschools.org (801) 574-8574 Ext: 259
Social Worker Wendy Jack-Alvarado wendy.jack-alvarado@slcschools.org (801-578-8574 Ext: 240
Registrar Aura Guttierrez-Sanchez aura.gutierrez-sanchez@slcschools.org (801) 578-8574 Ext: 252
Records Abish Lugo abish.lugo@slcschools.org (801) 578-8574 Ext: 256

Horizonte Adult Education Counseling Center Staff

Position Name Email Phone
Counselor Sabrina Fivas sabrina.fivas@slcschools.org (801) 578-8574 Ext: 255
Registrar Cherryl McClellan cherryl.mcclellan@slcschools.org (801) 578-8574 Ext: 254


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