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Horizonte Honor Society

Another good item to have on your resume and scholarship applications!


  • Students must maintain a 3.0 for their entire time at Horizonte and it must be at least 2 terms (they can't come in 5th term and be in Honor Society).
  • A maximum of one NG and only in the first term the student arrived.
  • A maximum of one P (work credit and other such pass/fail situations do not count against you).
  • A self-planned service project of at least 10 hours.

If you think you meet these requirements, get a copy of your transcript.

  1. Check that you have not gotten too many Ps or NGs.
  2. Use this spreadsheet to calculate your GPA. Save it in your files and show it to your advisor.
  3. Eligible students should work with their advisor and/or Garrett on proposing and documenting their service projects.
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